• Is there a cargo storage compartment?

    In case of early arrival or other situations we will be happy to help you to keep

    your load and items in the reception after your departure.

  • How is organized the process of departure?

    The manager or other responsible person meets you in the accommodation on

    the designated time, checks everything and returns the security deposit (if it has

    been implemented). The terms of possible additional payment in case of

    damages and security deposit are presented in the Terms and Regulations of our

    home page;

  • What is your departure time? Can I change it?

    The standard departure time is from 10: 00 to 12:00. This information is listed in

    detail on the registration page. If you need to arrive early or late, it should be

    agreed in advance by phone or e-mail.

    In some cases, it may be necessary an additional booking for another night in

    case of late arrival or may be presented an additional count.

  • Who can I contact with during my stay?

    For all questions during your stay, you can contact your manager or our

    administration 24 hours the day.

    Contact numbers and addresses are listed in the letter of confirmation sent to

    you as well as you will be informed on your arrival time (check-in).

  • What is your arrival time? Can I change it?

    The standard arrival time is from 14: 00 to 21:00. This information is listed in

    detail on the registration page. If you need to arrive early or late, it should be

    agreed in advance by phone or e-mail.

    In those cases, if you have arrived earlier, then study the <>

    section for receiving the required information.

  • Do you have airport transfer service?

    Yes. We will provide you this service with pleasure. It is necessary to pre-arrange

    all the details via e-mail or phone.

  • What must I do on arrival in the city?

    You should call the phone number mentioned in the letter of confirmation sent to

    you, to specify the arrival details and required addresses. The manager will greet

    you at the designated place on the designated time. Later, after the necessary

    procedures for registration, you will receive the keys.

  • How can I pay during the arrival?

    During the arrival time you pay the resting balance, which is noted in the

    approval letter.

    Cash is the standard and preferred method of payment, but we also accept

    plastic card payment option.

    Note that if you need a receipt for your accommodation and financial costs, tell

    us in advance, writing a letter to the address: [email protected]

  • Can I remove or change the reservation?

    In cases where you need to change or remove the conditions such as the

    number of guests or the overnight, it is necessary to contact us as soon as

    possible by e-mail at the following address:

    [email protected]

    There you have to mention your reservation number, which is noted in the letter

    with confirmation. If you need to change the accommodation, take these steps:

    Also take into account that the deposit is not returned according to our policy of

    changes. If plans are changed or insurmountable problems occurred, contact us

    as soon as possible at following the address: [email protected]

    Without your change approval, the reservation will be active until the moment

    when it is noted as <> and does not receive the appropriate value.

  • How much guests can I fix for?

    In almost all cases, the cost of accommodation depends on the number of guests

    who are going to live there. Normally in the booking section the minimum number

    of guests is presented for the standard tariff plan.

  • When will I receive an email confirmation?

    After performing the payment or filling in the required information, you will be sent

    an email confirming your reservation on the address noted in the registration.

    In this letter you will find the necessary information, such as contacts, addresses,

    and other important details.

  • Is the online payment safe?

    Yes, it is safe because we use SSH safety protocol, which guarantees the safety

    of your transaction; you can find details regarding the security in the instructions

    of your credit card.

    If you have some doubts about it you can call at any time.

  • How can I book?

    The accommodations can be booked directly without any difficulty. To find the

    necessary option you can switch to the next page. You must fill out the form to

    indicate the booking date and details. You can also make online payments using

    your credit or debit card, or call for further arrivals. In the end of this phase you

    will receive an email with further instructions.

  • Is smoking allowed in accommodations?

    You can check the availability in each page of accommodation or call in advance

    to find the best variant for you.

  • Are pets allowed or not?

    As pets can cause allergies for further inhabitants, as well as various injuries in

    the accommodation, it is necessary to contact the administration in advance and

    to clarify the deployment capabilities.

  • Is there parking nearby the accommodation?

    Car parking is different for different accommodations. Normally the parking is in a few steps from the apartment. Basically there is a free parking, that's why you need to check to clarify the details of the accommodation website section. To find the nearest parking place for your accommodation, it is necessary to contact the administration 24/7. It will help you to find the nearest parking. We do not offer places in the streets of Erevan as the parking rules are quite complicated and are changing every day.

  • Cleaning.

    Before your arrival the accommodations are exposed to the master sanitation.

    In the case of check-out you would better collect all the garbage into packages

    and leave the accommodation in the initial state; If a need arises for additional

    cleaning during the day, then you need to contact the administration and specify

    the time and the possible additional charges. In any case, the cost of your

    accommodation includes the cleaning on every 4th day.

  • What extra services exist and how are equipped the accommodations?

    The accommodations are fully furnished and there is a bedroom with all linen,

    towels and hygiene supplies. Also there are the needed supplies for ironing, free

    internet, and hairdryer. You can check the accommodation page for details about

    what is included in the set. You can also ask for baby beds, special chairs and

    other necessary accessories.

  • How can I find the nearby address?


    You may find the required information searching for the map section in our

    website. You can also get information from our administration.

  • What are the addresses of accommodations?

    After completing the reservation you will get an e-mail with the address of accommodation or the address of our office, where you can take the keys on arrival. In some cases when the address is hard to find, we also provide you with tips and maps. For security reasons we do not specify the exact address in our site.


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